What is PCR

Psycho Cellular RepatterningSM


The basis of the empowerment I teach is what I call “Psycho Cellular RepatterningSM.”

Psycho Cellular RepatterningSM, or PCRSM, is a powerful tool which allows the body and the mind to reprogram the troubling “blocks” buried deep inside. Oftentimes we don’t remember a problem that originated in our childhood but the body always remembers everything. With the powerful assistance of the Light of Love from Source or God, even the worst of memories can be erased and positive empowering beliefs can be installed. I believe that every medical or mental issue has, at its core, a dysfunctional message….a lie about who or what the person is or can have. Because the body is a perfect reflection of what the mind thinks, if there is a lie deep within, the body will manifest that message. The statement that “stress kills” is the perfect example of this concept.

Psycho Cellular RepatterningSM can help you with your disease, sickness, pain, anger or a stressful time. This is achieved by empowering your inner-child who becomes strong and addresses whatever difficult times you may have.

Through RepatterningSM, your mind is accessed through talking about issues that are dealt from a position of empowerment and then your body’s cells physically change and take on a new pattern or way of behaving. Your belief of who you really are permanently changes because your mind has determined that it is empowered and won’t allow any dysfunction in it. Good health and positive thoughts become automatic when your core beliefs support it and your old issues are released. You can live a life that is truly a joyful experience where you fulfill your passions and goals.

This is where the Law of Attraction comes in and says “like attracts like.” The law doesn’t care who you are. You have become a magnet for the life you are creating. Since your self-worth is no longer damaged and you are empowered, you will attract into your life people and situations that confirm what you now think about yourself.

How PCR Works

 Watch my video that explains how Psycho Cellular Repatterning works, along with some great testimonials.

Typical issues relieved by PCR