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Planet Janet

By PlanetJanet

on February 4, 2011

This book was recommended to me as an answer to living a whole life and getting to the root of childhood traumas, so I could be free to be all that I AM.

WOW! Sarah is a phenomenal woman, author, mentor!!

Some of the horrors she went through as a child were extremely hard to read about. Having been in a deliverance ministry many years ago, I am aware that the things she describes really do happen. But the victory she has in overcoming these things and becoming the lovely, awesome person she is today is totally amazing, a true testimony to the power of God, no matter what your religion or spiritual beliefs are.

It also reminds me that there are no excuses. If she can be the awesome person she is; having gone through all the hell she went through as a child, then there are NO EXCUSES for me to overcome my stuff (we all have “stuff” by the way)and stop living in an unhealthy victim mentality, as well as other negative patterns I have allowed, thus created for myself.

Thank You Sarah! Praise GOD for he is worthy to be praised.. Love and Light be yours always!

I am so blessed to have had my Grandma and Aunt Faye from birth to share the LOVE of Christ, to lead me through many dark times in this earthly walk.

Thanks Sarah…. I am finally able to be more focused on the good, by removing negative images, thoughts, and “attachments”.

Sarah is an Angel indeed!!!!

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