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Ms Bailey

This could be the answer to “dis-ease”….???

ByMs Bailey

on October 9, 2010

I am inspired by the possibilities that this book brings to light. She just may be on to something here. It all does make sense. I will warn the reader, though, that there are some horrific, horrific stories here. When you come to the part in the book that says, “Warning”, BELIEVE HER. Do not read this part if you are a pollyanna and don’t like to believe that there is true evil out there or don’t want to expose yourself to horror. What Sarah has been through as a child and lived to not only tell about it, but go on to design a program to heal herself and others is truly a miracle. This book does make you want to believe in miracles… I was hoping to learn from the book a program that I could do on my own and you mostly learn that you need a practitioner who has been trained in this method to help you, especially in the beginning; but I’m moving in that direction and believe that I’m on the road to healing myself as well. Thank you, Sarah.

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