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Goddess of Misfits

ByGoddess of Misfits

on April 1, 2011

I feel SOOO ripped off! I forced myself to sit through the first 3 of 4 CD’s, which is why I have titled this “Full Review Pending”–I still have to force myself to sit through the last one. First of all, I am not one to invalidate repressed memories, but I did not buy these CD’s to hear about someone’s horrific repressed memories–memories that she “discovered” in her late 30’s. I bought these CD’s because they promised to help me “release and remove deeply buried “blocks” in my subconsious core” and “then transform my life into what I really want.” Says that right on the CD cover, but so far all I have done is suffered through 3 CD’s of listening to someone else’s history. I noticed that on her website, there are a series of “Levels” that one can register for, which cost a few thousand dollars altogether. In all fairness, I still need to listen to the 4th and final CD, but if this is just a way to get us to enroll in her exhorbitantly expensive “levels,” then I’m going to ask for my money back! I will add to this review after I make myself listen to it. I don’t think, however, that 1 CD is going to “transform my life.” We shall see…

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