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For more than a decade, I have been assisting people with “issues in their tissues.” While this is a clever phrase, it is one that has great impact and truth. It is my confident, experiential belief that every medical or mental dis-ease that occurs in the body has, at its source, an emotional cause that has been neglected, overlooked, forgotten or deliberately avoided. I believe that dis-eases manifest in the body as part of its vibrational make-up. Dis-ease means there is no ease in the body, and the body breaks down as a result of this lack of ease or comfort.


 This body has an error message within the core. The core of the body experiences difficulty being and staying healthy as it lacks peace and harmony. Whatever the message, the body interprets this ‘lack of ease’ as an inability to be what it really is whole, healthy and happy.

In the twenty-first century, the paradigms of western medicine have begun to expand. Many no longer believe that our bodies are only machines with parts that wear down or out, to be healed only with prescription drugs or repaired and replaced by surgical procedures.

Instead, a growing number of medical pioneers, physicians and researchers are realizing that we are much more than pieces and parts assembled together in a glorious fashion. We are a compilation of body, mind arid spirit. As such, many are growing to believe that we need both traditional medicine coupled with alternative medicine to function at our utmost capacity. Emotional issues contribute greatly to the diseases that plague us. The saying that “stress kills!” is true, especially as we examine the increase in the types of illnesses that we are experiencing in our modern world.

Through my exploration in healing myself and others, I developed a process that I call Psycho Cellular Re-patterning. I named the process Psycho Cellular Re-patterning because the technique enables an individual to alter their own destructive core beliefs and self-concepts and re-pattern them into positive, fulfilling experiences. I also used the word “cellular” with this technique because I have found that those with health issues have experienced healing at the physical, cellular level when past issues have been re-patterned.

To demonstrate and educate you on this procedure, I provide actual examples of client experiences. These examples illustrate how anyone can address and heal past wounds, regardless of whether or not they are fully remembered. I describe how their lives have been changed by using this technique. The problems and treatment are explained in the hope that you may learn to use this technique to heal yourself.

In teaching others to use this technique, I was shocked to find that there were so many others who had closely guarded secrets of their own and who had led a similar life to mine. I decided that due to this, it was important to share my experiences and to make this technique known and understood so that anyone can learn to use this technique.

If you are reading this book and you feel alone, please know that you are not! Through the use of Psycho Cellular Re-patterning, I have found that I am not powerless over my health, my family ties, or my career. I found that my attitude really does control my health and there are countless others with the same issues worldwide. As Richard Bach once said “What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.”

We can be empowered. We simply need someone to help us get started. Then, we will be able to carry on by ourselves.

The wonderful thing with this technique is that it becomes self-sustaining and self-perpetuating. It is, for all intents and purposes, permanent. In the same way that bad habits can get stuck in our psyches, empowerment feels so good that it, too, can get “stuck” in a very favorable way.

Happiness is our choice, whether we realize it or not. It is time to change our paths and take charge of our lives. Since we are only as good as the tools we have, it’s time to try new tools.

To those of you who feel that your personal memories are cast in stone, I hope that you keep an open mind. To those people who believe emotional changes are impossible and the future cannot be affected, I would also suggest that you read on.

If we all had contempt prior to investigation, then many of the great discoveries of today would never have happened. Fifty years ago, if we had contemplated that we could communicate with someone half way around the world by looking at a camera in a box, we would have said that it was impossible. But time and experience have proven that it is not. This technique of healing is new and different. And it works!

Modern medicine is a perfect example of how mental attitude can impact healing. In double-blind tests, it has been proven that a placebo will often give better results than a drug which has been especially formulated in a laboratory for that disease, if the patient believes in the “cure”. This is a concept every medical school student knows and is taught all across the country. It is the mind which produces the “cellular modification” especially when coupled with the conviction that the placebo was prescribed by someone who is a credible authority.

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