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Permanently rewrite your negative memories and create the life you really want and deserve. – Learn the tools to heal the cause of dis-ease.

– Learn the hidden reasons why we have repeating problems in our lives and how to correct them.

– Discover how to stop recurring negative events and relationships in your life.

– Release the reasons for your negative self-talk and learn how to love yourself unconditionally.


The key to releasing and removing deeply buried blocks in your subconscious can be yours. Then transform your life into what you truly want.


Psycho Cellular Re-patterning is a process that is based on a guided meditation technique in which you examine and correct internal error messages that may have created dysfunction or dis-ease . Once the negative energy sources are examined and corrected, old behavior patterns may change, self esteem issues may rectify and physical illness may resolve.


Core Empowerment heals the inner self and replaces negative memories with positive ones. The process of Core Empowerment may guide and free you so that you can be who you want to be.


With over 30 years in the healing arts, Sarah Honeycutt has first-hand knowledge of how alternative therapies can be life changing. Her dedication to Core Empowerment and her perseverance in promoting this vital issue have become her life s mission. After many years of study and practice, Sarah has learned that emotions are at the root of most diseases and life issues. Core Empowerment allows people from all walks of life, to take charge of their lives by releasing their darkest fears. By looking at those painful, sometimes crippling emotions and rewriting the old scenes, you can release those old fears and become empowered, allowing the body to heal. It is Sarah s belief that people can be freed of old damaging and destructive inner messages, memories and become who they are supposed to be truly happy and healthy.

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