PCR Treatment

Core Empowerment, achieved through the technique of Psycho Cellular Repatterning, is a powerful, gentle and very effective way of removing negative messages, blocks, baggage and memories or triggers from a person’s mind and body.  It uses the power of the individual’s mind, will and body by developing and using breathing techniques that are centuries old.  It uses grounding techniques that are known worldwide to stabilize the body and anchor it to the earth energetically.  Then it uses the power and wisdom of the highest vibration in the Universe to reveal where the issue in the body exists that has a stored memory that may be unavailable to the client’s memory.  Obviously, memories that we can remember can more easily be dealt with.   We can deal with those memories and release them or we can ignore the issue and can put it “away” so it causes no current problem.

We can anesthetize ourselves so the memory doesn’t hurt or we can be tough and deal with it. It is, however, those memories that we don’t remember that trigger us and cause the majority of problems in our lives today as well as yesterday.  It is those triggers that interfere with our lives in profound ways.  It is those triggers that can cripple us and can cause illness in our bodies and minds.  It is that Light from Source or God, that universal light of the highest vibration that will reveal exactly what issues need to be addressed at just the proper time.

This light of love from our higher power can enable us to illuminate the dark recesses of our minds and bodies and find the core issues.  With those issues revealed in the light of unconditional, non-judgmental love, we can remove them and replace them with pure positive beliefs.  An empowered childhood, full of love and protection is created where before it did not exist. Current studies in the neurological field have shown that memories are malleable and are not cast in stone.  Memories can be removed and replaced! This technique is very powerful and permanently life-changing! Our history does not determine our destiny!