PCR Training



Once you are “clear” we invite you to join The Honeycutt School of Core EmpowermentSM. Experience the opportunity to learn these powerful PCRSM techniques directly from its creator, Sarah Honeycutt, live and in person. In these classes of limited numbers, held in an intimate setting, experience Sarah Honeycutt at her best as she takes you on a personal journey deep into the heart of PCRSMpractitioner techniques necessary to transform the lives of your clients.

With each level of proficiency the practitioner will receive a higher compensation as well as a fuller understanding of the power of this transformative technique.


  • Level one: 

    You will learn the process of powerfully assisting clients in clearing negative thoughts, energies, memories & emotions. You’ll learn the business basics and what tools are needed to do the work. You’ll learn how to begin your career with some marketing strategies and you’ll learn the benefits to both you and your clients of this career.

  • Level two: 

    You will learn the subtleties of the process and how to custom tailor the protocol to be of the most assistance to your clients. Everyone is different so you will learn more advanced techniques to help them release anything negative and replace the negative with the pure positive Light of love. You will learn how to manipulate the protocol to suit the needs of the client while maintaining the integrity of the process.

  • Level three: 

    Since many of our negative experiences relate to our deep spiritual problems, this class will delve into the deeper spiritual clearings – past lives, karma, curses and negative angelic issues. What to do with them and what power they really have will be covered in detail. You will learn how to develop the right type of meditation, clearing the mind and focusing on manifesting happiness based on the needs of your diverse clientele.

  • Level four: 

    This is a Mastery Level Course which teaches the practitioners to assist their clients in attaining their highest connection with their angels and other heavenly beings. You will not only learn your higher purpose on earth but be able to assist others to do the same. You will learn how to apply the Law of Attraction and truly manifest what you want using the other universal laws as well.