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Though these problems can exist in anyone, it is easy to believe that they only occur in families with little education or social status or in families and communities that are more inclined to delve into drugs and alcohol, gambling and immorality.

It is hard to wrap the mind around horrible behavior toward children in homes that are wealthy or religious or that have an outward appearance of “normalcy”. This concept cannot be further from the truth. Dysfunctional behavior can occur regardless of social status or educational levels. The secrets held tightly can occur in any family and in any neighborhood.

Add before Abuse occur

Abuse occurs because the abusers believe their secret is safe! While occasionally the abusers believe that they were not at fault for anything that happened, they too need to keep the lid on the events that happened. Sometimes they feign

innocence and other times they fail to see the “elephant in the living room”. But always they will want to keep the discussion about those times non-existent. They will do almost anything to deny or forget completely the events but they will always want to keep the discussion quiet. In the case of my Mother, I know she was certain that she was smart enough to dance around any issue and intellectually confound anyone wanting to question anything in her life.
k20338921Abusers make sure that no one will talk about the subject. They do this through intimidation and fear. Abusers never take responsibility for their actions. It is always someone else’s fault. The quote from Lord Acton applies so well here. “Power tends to corrupt. Absolute power corrupts absolutely”. All we need to do to verify this statement is to read the newspaper and we read of scandals by executives and politicians and entertainers. These people are admired and many are role models, yet inside they have strong dysfunctional issues. No one is immune.

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Talk therapy is one solution you may use to get to the heart of the issue. I believe that the answers require more than just discussing our feelings. I believe that if we do not resolve and remove the issues in some way, shape or form we will die from them.


In my work I have encountered the results of the trauma inflicted upon both women and men by pedophiles. While I cannot speak from a psychiatric evaluation I can tell you what happens energetically to people who are raped and sodomized by pedophiles. When a man who is angry and controlling decides emotionally to rape someone else they are reacting out of a strong fury. No doubt they are reenacting their own childhoods in some way. These people feel hopeless and helpless in their own lives so they make that impulsive decision to attack and take something from someone else. They threaten and scare their victims so their secrets will be kept. Their strong emotions of rage and control and the need to dominate release from them when they ejaculate. With the ejaculate comes their anger and pain and for a while they feel better. They no longer have that feeling of weakness and powerlessness.
It doesn’t last, and soon they must do it again. They are not in an emotional state to be in a committed relationship with love and respect.
They are often married with a “mask” of respectability but are damaged inside and dominating another is their only way of feeling strong. This is why the rate of recidivism is so incredibly high with pedophiles. Without being empowered from the core they have no choice but to dominate another.

The women, girls and boys who receive this large dose of powerful negative energy feel just awful. Not only are they violated and shamed and feel incredibly dirty but they feel the lack of power that comes with being subdued and raped. The pedophile feels better and now the victim has to deal with the event and also the powerful negative energy.

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