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From the Book Core Empowerment by Sarah Honeycutt:

Self-worth is the most critical quality that we, as Americans, are lacking.
The demands of our lives and the long-term effects of our dysfunctional childhoods can leave us emotionally crippl,ed and headed, if we
aren’t already there, towards disease.
Until we can empower our inner children, we cannot be empowered as adults. ,
Psycho Cellular Re-patteming can help you to become the dynamic person that you have always wanted to be – and achieve the level of health, prosperity and happiness that you truly deserve.
We can replace our destructive, installed behaviors with new, healthy ways of responding and learn about a wonderful law – the Law of Attraction.
Find out how it can affect you, what ever your belief, and how you can make it work for you.
At last, it’s your tum to be happy, healthy, prosperous, strong, and have the
relationships you truly want.

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