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Boost Your Immune and Emotional Defense Systems!

By Sarah Honeycutt

Our immune systems are very important, so important they are sometimes considered our “second” brain. Until we are aware of that, most of us are sure we just have one brain. They are very different from each other and they don’t always agree. One will say I want that cake, and the second brain has to deal with digestion by trying to find an organ that uses toxins. Most are stored in fat since there isn’t a use for poisons. The brain in the head can be impulsive. If our immune system is strong it can resist most infections, viruses and difficult challenges. What we will want to do is look at whatever the challenges are in front of us and then look at various choices – not all good, but not all bad. And then with a clear, reasoning mind, choose the best outcome and then start a plan.

5 Steps to Boosting Your Immunity and Positivity

1. Make a plan.

Perhaps with COVID-19 the choices are right out in front, life and death. The protocols are consistent, everyone needs to wash and sanitize almost everything and use a mask. This monster is lethal for some and it will attack us in our weakest area, so it pays to shore that area up if at all possible. That is a plan! By looking at challenges with a calm, purposeful plan we save our energy for the plan and we tell that panicky part of our brain to settle down, we’ve got this under control.

2. Exercise!

Next to keep our immune system strong, exercise is important. Not only do we need a gym and a coach, or a home equipment gym, or sidewalks to walk our dog, or a living room with a beautiful window and holding on a chair to do leg lifts or a comfortable bed to do sit-ups or part shiver exercises. The point is we can exercise if all we have is nothing. We just need to move!

3. Meditate.

The next thing we should do to stay positive is to meditate and allow all the energy of life to enter and settle your spirit. Stay there, if you can, in that calm state, as long as you can in that relaxing place. And if possible get outside and breathe. I have clients who learn to breathe, ground and open to the Light.

4. Eat right!

Yes, we can’t get away with it! We’ve got to make sure to maintain a balanced diet and get plenty of vitamins and minerals into our systems. Zinc and vitamin C are great for immunity. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, beans and whole grains.

5. Deal With Emotional Issues

In order to promote positive thinking in these, or any other, challenging times, we must look at our underlying emotions, see how they’re affecting our lives, and deal with them effectively.

Where Emotions Come From

Emotions and memories are rarely because of a trauma happening now. Thoughts stack one on top of the last. Memories of a baby’s life may not have words but he will react to new events that feel like a copy of the painful original baby memory. The reaction is the same. School becomes the next repeated emotion; it’s a different situation but the same emotion and reaction to it. Once the baby can voice the cause of his emotion, this will almost always bring guilt for causing the whole mess himself. Then comes work and family and all the emotions and self-opinions from long ago. Then old age, with the issues of failing health and the emotions and opinions about the years, and the physical issues and lack of vigor, and fun that got away.

The opinions we have ourselves don’t start at 35 – 50 – 70 or beyond. Those opinions started as a young child and stacked one on top of another for a whole unfulfilled life. There is a treatment for that and it is very strong and lasting. It is Core Empowerment and it deals with every issue that plagues you, if you’re in a position to learn and change.

Messages to Ourselves

The secret of motivating yourself after doing that clearing will be easier than before because you won’t feel any of those negative feelings. Motivation becomes easier because you’ve learned that your own opinions of yourself are balanced and worthwhile. So, listen to your emotions and write them down. Each item you’ve written down has a message to yourself. Listen to the words that the emotions are saying, words that have no empathy, that go right to blame and criticism. Oftentimes we will say something like “well that was stupid” or “why are you so dumb?”

When a normal mistake is made, judgement comes in and adds insult to injury. It all happens in our heads and our hearts. And because we say it to ourselves, we believe it! We get no contrasting opinion that says “no big deal. I’ll clean it up”. Or maybe something like “that sure surprised me. I’ll do better next time.” These messages acknowledge the fact that a mistake was made by us, and are a promise to learn from the mistakes. This leaves the ego and the heart intact. No need to rip it apart.

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