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Thoughts and feelings grow as we replay them. Each time we say to ourselves “I’m so stupid”, “I could just die” or something similar, the thought grows exponentially within us. When it grows, it seeps into our very being, creating issues in our tissues.

So what happens when we have all this dis-empowering, dysfunctional garbage swirling around inside us? Isn’t it enough that we are dysfunctional? No, these thoughts become uncontrollable and suddenly you are sick with gall stones, heart problems or cancer. There are a myriad of auto immune diseases, each carrying the message FROM you TO you – and it’s one that says “I hate myself!”

The concept of Psycho Cellular Re-patterning is based on the Law of Attraction. In Louise Hay’s book You Can Heal Yourself, she states, “I believe we create every so called illness in our body. The body, like every thing else in life, is a mirror of our inner thoughts and beliefs. Our bodies are always talking to us – all we need to do is take the time to listen. Every cell in your body responds to every single thought and every word you speak. Continuous modes of thinking and speaking produce body behaviors, postures and “eases or dis-eases.”

Negative thoughts and words from ourselves and others are the dis-empowering concepts we unconsciously embrace. Sometimes, we experience noisy, negative message “chatter” in our heads; many of us think we are just insane. To alleviate the pain, we over-think, self-medicate, over spend or over eat to overpower the other messages we hear. Instead of reaching inward to solve our problems, we reach outward, looking for that quick fix. Through ten years of observing my clients, experience has shown me that when people get depressed or ill or abused and their vibration is very low, they become subject to far greater illnesses.

Reversing Illness and Dis-Ease

Prior to utilizing Psycho Cellular Re-patterning, I experienced health problems for many years. Until I addressed the underlying causes of my health issues, they persisted. Traditional western medicine treated only the symptoms instead of the cause. This is also known as “reductionism” and it fails to deal with the emotional core problems. A disease cannot be cured if the reason for the disease is not understood.

I am not suggesting that you do not consult your internist, acupuncturist, or herbalist for medical problems. If you believe medical treatment, or herbs will work for you, they will. What I am saying is what I and many others have found that once the internal issues have been resolved, chronic health issues have disappeared.

As many renowned experts have said, we have the power to reverse disease, redefine aging, and even alter reality itself by embracing the concept that “what we think about expands.” This perspective does not view the body as just a mechanical device, but rather incorporates the role of body, mind and spirit. This “Einsteinian’ philosophy teaches that energy and matter mirror each other.

This breakthrough is fundamental in all healing because it recognizes that when we change our perception of an event or our beliefs, we send totally different messages to our cells, causing a reprogramming of their expression.

“Issues in our tissues” is a phrase I have borrowed from my dear friend Terri Jay and have used in this work. Many of us have heard and used phrases such as “eating your guts out”, particularly if some situation has us upset or worried. We’ve also referred to an annoying person as a “pain in the neck” or “he gives me a headache”. These phrases convey the idea that the painful things we think about affect our bodies in negative ways.

These phrases also carry strong meanings. Each time you have “held your tongue”, have not spoken your “truth,” or have had a “knot in the pit of your stomach” because you were upset, there was a direct correlation between the negative emotion you were feeling and the energy center in that area of your body. Prolonged or intense exposure to these negative emotions may frequently and ultimately result in illness. It also demonstrates your body’s ability to talk to you.

For example, it has been found that stomach issues, such as bleeding ulcers, may be related to anxiety, dread, or with a feeling that you have no control over an issue or problem (sometimes commonly called ‘giving away your power’.) When we mention that the problem is ”eating our guts out”, it reflects this lack of power.

  • Laryngitis or throat cancer may come from a fear of speaking your truth, or being just too angry to talk.
  • Sty or eye issues come from not being able to look at problems and have any control over them. It’s easier to avoid seeing the problem than to see it and have no power to change the situation. It can come from feeling extremely angry or hopeless at seeing what is in front of the eyes.
  • Blood pressure problems and constipation originate when there is an emotional squeezing and holding onto life. There is a real feeling of loss of control and the need to hold on tight.

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