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Sarah Honeycutt

Breaking Out of the ``Box``
Living without Limitations
Being Happy In Any Circumstance
Living without Issues
Peak Performance
Being More Than You Think You Can Be
Personal, Professional and Emotional Growth

Sarah Honeycutt is a best-selling author, a popular public speaker, a powerful coach and an empowerment specialist.

She has reached thousands, both nationally and internationally with her message, a technique she has developed called Core Empowerment.  Her message of possibilities, gratitude, empowerment and confidence has enabled many hundreds to realize their potential and dreams.

The technique and background of Core Empowerment is available in her book and her audiobook of the same name.  They have reached people around the world.  This dynamic process of releasing the “emotional baggage” that keeps us all entangled in negative patterns of behavior is revolutionary.  The past dysfunctional memories and messages are released and positive dynamic ones of love are put in their place.

A few years ago Sarah began the Honeycutt School of Core Empowerment.  She has personally and individually taught many people this very special technique that she uses.  These Certified Practitioners of Psycho Cellular Repatterning are now actively engaged in assisting others to achieve their dreams and know that they are limitless.

Sarah is a dynamic speaker with an extraordinary story and a tremendous ability to touch people’s hearts and souls.  She is a master at accomplishing unbelievable goals.  She is an expert Life Coach and is sure to move your audience to positive ACTION!

Sarah has the ability to inspire your organization to the next level.  She has the ability to connect with her audience and provide tools to enhance their personal and professional goals.  Sarah believes that we are only as good as the tools we have and she shares many powerful tools to release anything negative so the audience will believe that “limitless” is now possible for them!

Your audience will be inspired, motivated and energized to achieve higher success and explode out of their limiting “boxes”.  Sarah believes that our limits are determined by messages that are erroneous.  Releasing those negative messages allows a person to be what they truly want to be, healthy, happy and successful!  They will learn how to increase their efforts without limits and improve their outcomes, both personally and professionally.  She will cover such topics as collaboration versus competition.  She will develop subjects such as leadership, goal setting, time management, and boundaries.  These subjects will be powerful learning experiences relevant to anyone in the organization whether they are entry level or at the top end of management.

Sarah will customize a keynote speech or a comprehensive workshop tailored to the needs of your organization.

Sarah will teach you how to be successful doing what you love and not just having a “job” or just having money.  How to find the delight in any job and shifting attitudes is one of her specialties.  No one should be in a job they hate but often it is a matter of perspective and not so much the “job”.  After all, attitude is everything and it is so contagious!

Terri Jay

July 20, 2009


Sarah’s work is amazing and I attribute my success to Core Empowerment. I recommend it to everyone, whether they have a health, relationship or financial block that is keeping them from achieving their dream life!


Terri Jay